qvc3 I am Wanda Grindstaff.  As a transplant from Coastal NC to Southwest Florida, I found very little opportunity fulfill my love for Shag Dancing and Beach Music. Since there was no organized group or events for Shagging, I decided it was time to take action and find those in the area who love to Shag Dance as much as we do.

Shag Dancing is popular around the country, with clubs and organizations all over.  There are several in Florida, but none in SW Florida.  Traveling to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville is possible but not our preference.

My partner Rick and I have started a local movement.  We are very excited about the amount of interest shown already.  This proves there are people around who are familiar with Shag Dancing or want to know more and be a part of the community.

There is also the option of starting a local official association with the ACSC.  This is not a priority but definitely an option for the future.

The purpose of our website is to:

1) Find like minded people
2) Organize events and gatherings at clubs and various venues
3) Organize our own events in the future

We are looking for information and ideas as well:

1) Venues who offer R&B music and other styles for Shag Dancing
2) Bands and performers who are a good fit
3) Other ideas

We hope you will join our website (Membership is Free) and join us on Meetup.com as well.  We plan to have a lot fun and of course a lot of Dancing going on!

Happy Shaggin’

Coming Up Soon:

Streaming Beach Music

Coming Soon:

Beach Music and Shag Dancers Store

Coming Soon:

Events Galore Including Info on the September S.O.S. Fall Migration.